Monday, September 12, 2016

Work And Whiskey Don't Mix

So, it's been quite a while since I last updated this little personal blog of mine. I don't know if I ever really expected myself to keep up on it, but I never wanted to take it down just in case there were some things that I needed to vent on in the future. My last post was almost a year ago, about my best friend's little brother who passed away in a quad accident. The two of us traveled nearly 300 miles round trip for Scotty's funeral on Halloween of last year, which happened to be the third anniversary of my TG Caption blog. Regardless, this post is not about Scotty.

At some point, there comes a time when you have to stop acting like a child and start acting like a mature adult. But at what age is that point? 18? 21? Somewhere in between, before, or after that? It's tough to say these days. More and more 20-somethings, myself included, still live at home with their parents, compared to the numbers of the previous generations. My father was out of his parents' house the day he turned 18. Whether that's a good example or not is debatable, since he was more or less kicked out due to my grandparents not being able to collect any money from the government for having him in the house any more. But I digress.

How much of an adult can you be if you are an alcoholic at age 21? How much respect and adult treatment should someone, or anyone, give you if you come to work completely wasted?

Hopefully I'll sound less vague in this paragraph - sometimes my venting goes in and out of my stream of consciousness typing. I now work as a delivery driver for a local pizza place (not gonna say the name, just in case - yeah this blog has less than 5,000 views, but I don't want to take any chances). Today my manager came to work piss fucking drunk, having gotten a ride from his uncle, who is also one of our delivery drivers. Needless to say, it wasn't very long before all of the employees found out he was sloshed. One of our other managers, who was working as a driver today, took it upon herself to clock out (without getting properly checked out, meaning having her tips calculated from cash drops, credit card tips, etc.) and call our area manager and tell her about the whole thing. By the time she got outside to make her phone call, the drunk one was already cussing at the top of his lungs, punching tables and throwing pizza cutters across the store. Come to find out, he had cheated on his girlfriend the night before and he was still incredibly upset with himself over it. Immediately we had customer complaints. although there wasn't much I could do about it that wouldn't result in a fist fight, or worse.

After that, it was only an hour and a half or so before things got truly out of hand. The drunk and his uncle were arguing with each other, rather loudly, throwing insults that must've cut each other pretty deep, because some of them I didn't even understand. The end result was the uncle removing the magnetic topper with the store's logo from his car and throwing it against the wall, breaking it into several pieces, and subsequently quitting the job, all of this just moments after I had been clocked out for the day. After that, the store was left without any delivery drivers from about 7:30 until closing at midnight.

My store has had a lot of problems with being understaffed lately - I already have to stay well beyond 8 hours most days, sometimes into 10 or more hours in a single day to help pick up the slack from having so few of us working. Now we've just lost a good driver, and most likely a manager as well. I can't even imagine what the next couple of weeks are going to look like - frankly, if I'm not working from opening until closing time six day a week, I'll be surprised. My poor car will probably be driven into the ground in less than a month, but hey, at least the people in my city tip well.

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